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Welcome to Community Church Builder (CCB) you may have also heard us refer to it as Quest Community Builder. This is a wonderful, and highly important tool for accessing information about you and other members in the Quest Community. Think of it as a hyper-directory where you can communicate with anyone, any group, or any event from The Quest, be sure The Quest has all current info contact about you and your family, and get a first hand look at every part of the Quest that is valuable to you. You can view calendars and schedules that pertain to specific groups (EX: Connection groups, Volunteer groups, Sunday morning volunteer groups, etc.) you are involved in all with just the click of a button. You can even view your church giving record in real time!

Calendardirectories Sound like a lot of info?…Don’t worry it is extremely secure and you can control how much info you want others to have access to as well as how much info you want to hear about. To brief overview on CCB, and learn how important this tool is to The Quest Church, please see What is CCB?… and if you are not already signed up, use the login window link above to join your church online community.
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