We are so glad you are here with us at The Quest. We believe that God has a bigger plan in bringing you here than even you may realize.

Some come with hurts from the past, while others are searching for significance; It is important to know that whatever brought you here today, God has been with you all along. God wants you to experience Him in a way that heals the past, and allows you to trust Him with the future. The best way to experience God is with a community that accepts us, encourages us and points us to God. That’s what the Quest is all about. We began The Quest nine years ago with this in mind: God wants to connect with all people in a personal way; He created us for this relationship. It’s our desire to help people find and follow God.

Whatever the circumstances are that brought you to The Quest, it is not a coincidence. God has been working behind the scenes. Contrary to popular opinion, God doesn’t just work on weekend’s.

We strive to be relevant in our culture, and many times that means we do things differently. So the music may be loud at times, but what we think will get your attention is a community that accepts you as you are, while encouraging you to follow Christ with us..

God has given us a great vision; this booklet is a brief description of what God has put in our hearts, that we are to be here in Fresno.  Because God has brought you to The Quest, we believe you are a part of this dream.

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